Your journey to success starts with our history

Nineteen years of experience, celebrating successes and falling on our faces every once in a while has given us a great amount of experience in operating a successful and prosperous retail operation. Each leg of the journey has taught us something new and we have combined all of that experience into a toolbox that you, as our partner, will have access to as you grow your own location. Here are some of the ways in which we will support your journey to success:

Operations and Communication

Pet Planet has developed an advanced, progressive, web-based communication database that provides Franchise Operators a complete listing of communications initiated by Head Office including: training memos, policy and procedures, operational standards and industry updates. This comprehensive program provides all of the information you require in the day-to-day operations of your franchise and allows you to keep in touch with our operations support and marketing team on a regular basis as new systems and procedures are improved and developed. Pet Planet’s franchise support center is designed to keep you informed of updates, operational tips, improvements, mandatory operating initiatives and general industry trends.

Product and Operational Development

Members of the Pet Planet operational team continually review and enhance existing product lines, services and operational procedures – this includes ongoing evaluation of new opportunities to improve the business and product selection.

Trademark Usage

As a Pet Planet Franchise Operator, you are granted access to all Pet Planet trademarks, logos, designs and operating procedures to give you a strong presence the marketplace, with an unparalleled brand image.


Pet Planet has spent years developing and nurturing relationships with vendors and distributors, ensuring high standards of product quality and consistent supply. Distribution of inventory is through approved Pet Planet manufacturers and distributors so that you will benefit from our network’s buying capabilities, maximizing your margins and maintaining Pet Planet brand consistency.

Confidential Operations Manual

The Confidential Operations Manual is a comprehensive guide designed, developed and evolved by Pet Planet after nineteen years of hands-on experience in the industry. It is a valuable tool in the daily operations of your store and is updated on a regular basis as new systems and procedures are developed.

Pet Planet’s Core Programs… Your Path to Success

Internal and external localized marketing initiatives, exclusive branded company programs and other Core Pet Planet programs are essential components on your path to success. All of these programs have proven success and are not only provided as part of ongoing support, but are required initiatives for all Franchise Operators.

Pet Planet’s Core Programs have made Pet Planet a destination retailer since 1996. The success of your store is contingent on how well you execute/implement these Core Programs as they are a proven model and a huge point of differentiation in this business. Pet Planet’s product assortment, product selection criteria standards, nutrition consultation program (H.A.N.K.) and customer retention program and our intensive educational platforms will be the foundation for you success in an extremely competitive environment.

When you invest in a Pet Planet franchise you can be assured that whether you are a Franchisee-in-training or a seasoned veteran Franchise Operator, we are here to support and help you grow your business. With nineteen years of industry experience, we are highly efficient in effectively addressing any issues you may face in your retail operation and will be here to support you in your new journey with us.